Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Northern Aficionado Fanzine Interview

A couple of lads from Yorkshire got in touch last month to tell us they were starting a new fanzine called Northern Aficionado and they had a couple of questions about PH. They explained they'd just started their blog, talking about ale, kit and football (ticking all the right boxes for us) and were planning a paper copy for April. We didn't think much more of it until it landed on our step this morning. It's pretty clear they aren't messing about, the first issue's got interviews from Peaceful Hooligan, the boys from CasualCo, 80's Casuals, The Cagoule blog, Trickett, A Guy Called Minty (a previous collaborator of our's) and even goes international with a few words from Our Culture. Not to mention what could turn into an unhealthy (but well justified) obsession with Clarks Originals! 

If this is the first instalment, we can't wait for Issue 2, and for £2 there's no reason not to snap a copy up. If the lads carry on this way it might be worth a lot more one day. Grab a copy from our mates over at Distant Echo.

Here's a bit from our chat with Northern Aficionado...

What were your main reasons for establishing the brand? 

We were sick to death of all the trends and fads that kept coming and going over the last few years, and just wanted to wear simple honest well made garms, that would command respect but still have a sense of humour within the print runs we put out there.

Did you think that it would be so successful?

I think we all want to be successful in some way or another but the basis of the brand's momentum and future direction has been mainly down to our punters who have shared the same passion for the brand as we do, keeping it personal and targeting the right heads within our community has been instrumental in the brand's success.

What are your main inspirations behind the brand?

Our roots have been a massive inspiration for the brand, the footy, dancing in fields nutted, the music, the birds, the highs and the lows and a passion for good quality kit, we don't imitate - we innovate.

What was the thought behind the "Summer of Dove" idea?

Goes hand in hand really doesn't it...

We love the Shaun sweat, what is your favourite piece from your SS collection?

The Head II jacket that's dropping in next week is a simple classic staple piece of everyone's wardrobe,casual as fuck. 

Summarise Peaceful Hooligan in 3 words.

Good Quality Kit.

It must be a real buzz to see people wearing your gear, how proud are you when this happens?

We are chuffed when the lads send in the pics for the Rogue's Gallery a true sense of belonging is being created within our brand, so that with in itself gives us a massive sense of satisfaction that they are proud to wear our kit.

And finally, aside from your excellent SS collection what are your plans for this year?

There's still plenty more to come for SS, the Head II jacket I mentioned, a range of shirts and overshirts, shorts, loads! Then, we've just hooked up with The Coolness Society in Milan, who will be helping us get PH in all the best stores over there too. We are also working on a Jacket collaboration for August with a pretty cool outfit from Darn Sowf, and will be pretty limited in numbers but chunky in price... wouldn't mind a week in the sun, as well.

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