Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Casuals" Screening at Stitch Tradeshow

A few months ago we took a trip down to London town and dropped in to the Stitch Tradeshow, where Cass Pennant and the boys from UrbanEdge films were putting on a screening of their "Casuals" Documentary. The film tracks the clothing of the culture from the revival of the Mod scene, through the continental sportswear of the 80's to the present day, featuring interviews from lads in the know, from inspirational collector Kerso to Pete Hooton, the man behind legendary Liverpool fanzine, The End. 

Here's a link to the trailer from the show, with a few words from Tom, here at PH (before most of the free ale took effect)! To get your hands on a copy of the film, head over to the lads at 80's Casual Classics.

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