Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dressers - The Book

We were going to write a little bit about the new 'Dressers'‎ book, documenting the exploits of Motherwell's Saturday Service. We were going to and then read this from Soul Crew Co-Author, Tony Rivers. We think it says it all...

"Dressers is the definitive must-read book of the UK's most important working class subculture of the last 30 years. The story of the everyday football casual from it's early 80's genesis, dovetailing alongside some occasional violence through to their other love, house music parties, this was(and still is)life for thousands of like-minded males and as proved in this fascinating account, The Motherwell Saturday Service played a big part in proceedings. I always found the Scottish casual scene particularly interesting. Ironically the term 'Dressers' was the only nomenclature I associated with the scene during the mid 80s.'Casuals'to me was definitely Scottish terminology. The fact that Aberdeen prided themselves on being the first in Scotland matters not a jot. The first hand accounts and photographic imagery in Dressers are among the best i've seen on the subject. In my experience following Cardiff City and witnessing almost every mob there is, it's the tighter knit, smaller club firms that are often the best dressed and the gamest. The literature and photos ably provided by the authors prove that point. When I co-wrote Soul Crew, we were the first in the country to delve into the obsession of Dressing and we are proud of that legacy, but what Ricky, Matt and Kerso have done is given probably the most accurate portrayal of the era alongside the finest year by year illustrations I've seen. As important a social document as any on the history of Casuals. A must-read."
Tony Rivers. Co-Author, Soul Crew

Dressers is available to pre-order here and should be released on 5th December, we will let you know where...

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  1. The trailer is massive, cant wait for this book , should be a decent read !