Friday, 20 May 2011

All The Young

Here at PH HQ we like to think we have our finger on the pulse of clothing and music, so after we posted a link to their new video on Facebook and got swamped with questions, we have thought we'd have a chat with Ryan Dooley from our current favourite band All the Young and put a few questions to him.

Thanks for talking to us Ryan; this seems to be All The Young's year, held in high regard by the nations press and taking towns and cities up and down the country by storm. Can you explain what the band is about and what its like to start getting the recognition you deserve?

I suppose this band is about putting on good live shows and writing the kind of songs that people can 'go wild and release' to. Life isn't about telling it like it is 24/7, sometimes it's about telling it how it could and should be. It's been amazing to get recognised by the press like we have, we didn't really see that coming at all. Gordon Smart from The Sun came to one of our shows and was really enthusiastic about it and he's been full of praise since. I wouldn't like to think that we deserve it even though we've worked really hard. You don't get anything in life unless you go at it 'tooth and nail' and that right there is what this band is all about. 

Having just supported Brother on their tour and now headlining your own tour, what have been the best gigs you have played this year so far and why?

We really enjoyed playing Glasgow with Brother and by ourselves cos it's such a great city, the atmosphere is killer. Playing in Manchester to 150+ people at our own gig was pretty wild as well, that's the first time we've drawn such a crowd outside of Stoke-on-Trent so needless to say we were buzzing afterwards!

We've heard that living legend Morrissey turned up at your last Camden gig and held court backstage. How was it to receive the stamp of approval from the mighty quiffed one?

Meeting Mr Morrissey was absolutely out of this world and it all went by so fast. He was such a gentlemen and he only wanted to talk about All the Young rather than listen to how we adored his music. I thought that was very humble and very honest of him. We've been listening to his records since we were kids so to finally meet him and for it to be at one of our own shows is something that we'll never forget.

What music has inspired the band over the years? And what do you listen to in the van when you travelling from gig to gig? And is it a battle of everyone playing different things?

We range from Bob Dylan to LCD soundsystem. At times it is a battle but our drummer Will has the biggest iPod selection known to man so we all end up happy. We have quite similar tastes so 9 times out of 10 everyone is dancing!

With two brothers in the line up of the band, how do you feel that adds to the dynamic of the set up? Does it bring an extra level of passion and energy?

I think the passion and the energy comes from all 4 of us. We all live and breathe All the Young and it shows onstage. At times it's great to have 2 brothers who have been together through thick and thin. We make each other strong and it rubs off on the band as well. There are of course other times when every other person in the van would like to be in a 'Dooley free zone' for 5 minutes. We wouldn't have it any other way though!

All The Young herald from Stoke on Trent, a City, which has a strong electronic background particularly in the Nineties, but over the last decade the band scene, has blown up. How was it to be part of that scene and does where you're from influence your sound and what you write about?

Yeah, of course we are influenced by our surroundings. Personally I feel that there isn't a great deal to do in Stoke nowadays apart from going to watch football matches so youngsters don't have much of a release during the weekends. That kind of thing has inspired me while writing songs and hopefully something in the form of music can come to the forefront of Stoke-on-Trent again. It's an amazing city with a lot of potential and people forget that at times.

The video for new single 'Welcome home' is full of strong imagery and really says what All the young are about. Is it something you've eased into being in front of the camera, or are you more comfortable on stage instrument in hand?

We're really happy with the video and it was shot in Glasgow which is like a home from home for me and Jack! We've grown up all over the U.K so to catch some of the scenery that we did really made the video. The camera stuff takes time to get used to but it's all part and parcel of promoting your tunes. We all much prefer to be on a red-hot stage in a room full of people though. That kind of atmosphere is 2nd to none!

Finally, All the Young have a definitive style and look, what sort of clothes do you like to wear? Are you label orientated? If so what?

We think all the best bands are the ones that look like a gang, and although we've always had similar styles we think it's best if there's a point somewhere in the middle where we all meet. We like to keep it simple and smart. We're not brand orientated at all, if it looks good it doesn't matter where it's from. We have been known to rock Peaceful Hooligan on our days off mind!

All the Young are currently on a nationwide tour, check your local music press for dates and the arrival of their eagerly awaited debut album or follow them on Twitter and Facebook if you're that way inclined.

Check out their second single 'Welcome Home' here.

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